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On one end of the knitted strip insert the needle and loop the thread back through its self so that your thread is secure. Yarn that i used atgarnstudio drops design httpsamznto3e.

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Fold your knitted strip around the hair tie or elastic band.

How to knit a scrunchie. Youll knit a narrow tube. Also in this vi. In this video i show how to make creative knitted scrunchies.

I was scrolling through a clothing website the other day and saw scrunchies in the accessories section. Thread your needle and tie both ends of the thread together. Its so easy to knit them.

This scrunchie is knit using fingering weight yarn on size 2 needles so it is fine not bulky but still shows off the beauty of knits. I have a video for how i make the garter knit scrunchie below. The last style is a garter stitch scrunchie this one you alternate the rounds with knitting and purling.

Later on the phone to my sister i asked scrunchies are back oh yes so here we are with a quick scrunchie pattern. Repeat these 2 rounds for a total of 16 18 rounds then follow the finishing instructions for the knit scrunchie. It is worked quickly in one piece so it is perfect to make as a quick project.

Flip bow inside out. Have you been searching for a free knit scrunchie pattern. Sew the knitted strip around the hair tie.

Using your tapestry needle and yarn tail sew the edge of the scrunchie. If you are using knit you dont have to close up the hole as you wont see it once its tied on the scrunchie. Id love for people to try this out and let me know how it goes feedback would be great.

Hold it securely on one end with a safety pin. Pin the length of your elastic down with straight pins. Flatthis is the most beginner friendly way to knit a scrunchy.

If using woven top stitch your little hole closed. Now tie your bow onto your scrunchie i tied it on where the seam is on the scrunchie. Then stop looking at all of those other knitting patterns online and check out how to create a scrunchie.

Tutorial step by step how to make a knitted scrunchie for knitting lovers and beginners. You can use any stitch pattern youd like. Download the pattern and watch the video tutorial on how to finish below.

I think such kind of scrunchies pertains for winter. Sewing the edge cut 9 inches of braided elastic band. Fold your knitted piece over the elastic.

In the roundfiddly is this methods middle name but it can still be tackled by a beginner. This hair elastic is a stylish and fun contribution to just about any outfit.

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