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On the short end of the fabric add a line of glue along the edge. Tie elastic together in a knot or use hot glue to secure the two elastic ends together.

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Idea 1 thin scrunchie.

How to make a professional scrunchie no sew. Cut a 22 by 3 rectangle. My favorite method and the one im outlining here is the easiest and. Thread the pencil through the scrunchie tube and once the elastic is in the tube remove the pencil and the tape.

Stop when you are left with about 2 open. Make the scrunchie the same way as explained earlier. Make it in in velvet.

A note about how to make diy scrunchies before we get started. Repeat with other end. Begin with a piece of fabric that is 4 12 inches by 22 inches.

Black is my favourite as it goes with all colors. Start joining the edges at 5. Slide the knot to the opposite side of the fabric opening.

Next fold the fabric in half lengthwise with the pattern on the inside. Turn the fabric of one end of the tube over to create a clean edge and insert the other raw edge into the tube. Cut a small piece of tape to fit around the edge of the opening.

Carefully pull the tube inside out. How to make a no sew scrunchie step by step. Quickly before the glue hardens fold over the edge of the fabric on top of the glue.

Tie the elastic in a knot. To make a more narrow scrunchy cut a fabric strip 1 12 inches wide 17 20 inches longthis is for 14 inch elastic. Wrap the inner strip with the outer strip leaving the right sides of the fabric on the inside.

Glue the smaller ends at 3. Iron the tape for 2 seconds on all sides. In the photo of the gray no sew scrunchie below the two flat elastic ends are overlapped 12 to 34 or so and hot glued together.

Some of them are as below. You can use different types of fabrics to make scrunchies. There are so many different ways to make a diy scrunchie and i tried them all.

They range from using hot glue to make a no sew scrunchie all the way to an elaborate but time consuming method that results in professional scrunchies with handsewn hidden seams. You can change its size shape and style in many ways.

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