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Bunch the fabric down so you can clearly see each side of the elastic coming out of opposite ends of the fabric tube. How could they not be.

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Measure and cut your elastic.

How to make a scrunchie with a sewing machine easy. I walk you completely through the process from start to finish. Fold your fabric length wise right side inside wrong side out. Using a 14 seam allowance sew from one point in toward the center then stop.

How to make a scrunchie in minutes. Use a length of elastic a little longer than the fabric you make the scrunchie. Measure and cut a 8 piece of elastic attach a bobby pin or safety pin at one end and slide through the tube holding the opposite end of elastic so it doesnt slide through.

Pull the elastic to work the the. Sew from the other point in toward the center and then stop leaving a 1 to 2 gap for turning. Tie both ends of the elastic together and stitch the excess elastic down on at least one side to make a permanent knot.

Start with a piece of scrap fabric and cut it into a rectanglethe standard size for a. And sew 05cm from the edge either by sewing machine or by using a back stitch nice and strong turn your tube right side out. Fold the fabric lengthwise over the elastic and pin the end together where the elastic is even pinning through the elastic.

Sewing machine or needle. Theyre super cute super easy to make and save scrap fabric from being needlessly wastedin this tutorial i opted to use my sewing machine but you could just as easily use fabric glue or a simple backstitch by hand with a needle and thread. 14 of an inch and sew a straight line along the edge.

Lay the elastic on the right side of the fabric even at one end and extending over the other end. Fold this strip of fabric in half lengthwise with the right side facing then pin this in place. Trim the seams at the corner points to reduce bulk then turn the tie right side out and press.

Scrunchies are all the rage these days. Pin the lengthwise edge to sew. Measure your fabric using a measuring tape and marking with chalk.

Sew across the pinned end first making sure that you sew the elastic firmly in place then sew the length edges together. If youre using the rough edge of the fabric be sure to either trim that off or include it in your seam allowance. How to sew a scrunchie start by cutting a strip of your scrap fabric to be 3 4 inches wide by 22 23 inches long.

Repeat on the other side. Lay your fabric flat then fold over one of the short ends of the fabric approx. Fold the seam allowance in and sew the opening closed.

Remove the tape and remove the pencil keeping the elastic in place. Secure your elastice to one end of the long tube with a safety pin. Learn to sew scrunchies with this easy step by step tutorial.

Pin and sew the two ends of elastic together.

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