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Next turn the fabric right side out. How do you make scrunchies with elastic.

How To Make Scrunchies With Elastic With Hair Ties And No Sew Tutorials

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Then cut your piece of fabric so its 8 inches long and 4 inches wide.

How to make homemade scrunchies. Using a rotary cutter or fabric scissors cut a 3 x 22. Make sure you hold on to the tale of the elastic so you can attach the ends after you thread it. Fold the 3 x.

You can use either knit or braided elastic either will work for a scrunchie. Instructions cut your fabric 12cm x 45cm approximate measure your elastic by the size of your wrist and leave some space for a knot turn over the short ends and sew fold your fabric length wise right side inside wrong side out. Sew a straight line across the edge and remove pins once youre done.

Sew a straight line down. I found the easiest way to do this was to thread your finger into the fabric. Set aside lay your fabric flat then fold over one of the short ends of the fabric approx.

To make a hair scrunchie start by cutting a piece of elastic thats about 4 inches long and 12 an inch wide. Now thread it all the way through the scrunchie tube. How to make a scrunchie in minutes measure your fabric using a measuring tape and marking with chalk.

Cut and press the pieces. Fold the fabric in half right side in and. Measure and cut your elastic.

Attach safety pin at one end and weave the pin through the inside of the tube and. Cut an 8 long piece of elastic. Cut a piece of fabric 4 wide x 20 or 22 long.

Fold fabric lengthwise so its inside out and pin along the center. Next fold the fabric in half lengthwise so the printed side is facing inward and sew the edges together. Now you can layer the elastic one side on top of the other with a half an inch overlap and sew it with a zig zag stitch.

Sew the main scrunchie tube. And sew 05cm from the edge either by sewing machine. 14 of an inch and sew a straight.

Attach a safety pin to the elastic. Steps cut fabric into 3 12 by 22 inch strip. Cut a piece.

Pull the strip right side out. Either length will work.

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How To Make Homemade Hair Scrunchies

How To Make Scrunchies With Elastic With Hair Ties And No Sew Tutorials

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