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For each scrunchie you will need a rectangle that measures 3 x 14. How to make bow scrunchiesfold the long rectangle in half lengthwise.

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Take the two ends of the elastic and overlap them with each other.

How to make scrunchies with bows. Sew around the outside of the fabric leaving a. Place the two bow pieces right sides together and stitch around all sides with seam allowance. The fastest way to do this is to turn it like a tube using a dull pencil or dowel to push the ends of the bow through the turning hole.

Clip corners and curves then turn right side out. Sew the rectangle up one long side right. Fold over the top 14 inch of your rectangle and sew flat to create a finished edge.

I like to give the. First youll want to cut out a rectangle of velvet that is 35 x 18 for your scrunchie and another long strip that is 25 x 25 for your bow. How to make a bow scrunchie.

Leave an inch or so to turn right side out. Cut out the pattern with scissors. How to make bow scrunchiescut your fabrics.

Cut an 8 12 inch piece of 14 inch elastic. Cut out 2 bow shapes. Place the pattern onto the fabric making sure theres a fold in the center of the fabric and pin the pattern to the fabric.

What you will need. Place the pattern pieces together with the right sides facing then pin around the outside. How to make bow.

To cut out the fabric for your bow fold your fabric in half and place the pattern pice on top with the top edge. You can use 12 inch elastic if you have thicker hair and need more support from your pony tail holder attach a safety pin and thread the safety pin all the way through the scrunchie.

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