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The hair tie is hidden inside the scrunchie. Fold the ends of the tube and put one end inside the other.

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Sew the main scrunchie tube.

How to sew a scrunchie with a hair tie. With a short length of elastic thread it through your long rectangle using a safety pin and gather the fabric as you go hold the end of the elastic tight. Use any and all of your scraps to make the most adorable accessories. Place the hair tie between the strip.

Cut a rectangle out of fabric that is 4 inches 1016 centimeters wide and 18 inches 4572 centimeters. Sew around the edge all the way around. Once gathered place the elastic over each other by 1cm and sew tight.

These are the perfect summer accessories to make when youre. Turn the tube inside out. Fold the piece in half width.

Find a hair tie. Using a hair tie 1. Fold the 3 x.

How to make a scrunchie with a hair tie step by step 1. Cut and press the pieces. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise with the.

Match up the folded edges so the hair tie is inside the fabric. In todays video i will be showing you how i made these homemade scrunchieshair ties. Step 6 fold one end of the fabric over creating a clean edge and slide over the other raw end and pin.

Press in place using a hot iron. Fold the strip in the middle with the right side inside. Instructions cut your scrap fabric to measure 4 wide by 18 long fold the cut ends along the length by towards the wrong side.

Apply a thin bead of glue along the folded edge working small sections at a time. Heres what it looks like with pins all the way around. You can use either knit or braided elastic either will work for a scrunchie.

Cut a 22 by 3 rectangle 2. They are much sturdier. Using a rotary cutter or fabric scissors cut a 3 x 22.

Use pins to hold the fabric in place. Sew at 5. This is my favorite way to make custom scrunchies for my very fine hair.

Place your hair tie over it roughly in the middle. Cut an 8 long piece of elastic. Try to get one of those fabric coated hair ties instead of a rubber band.

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