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Either length will work. Fold tube into itself.

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Use steam with caution on satin and silk fabrics as they may discolor.

Scrunchie fabric measurements. Iron cut fabric. Fabric requirements for scrunchies. Fold one edge a 12 inch towards the wrong side.

Note you do need the print page 1 for the optional bow piece. Depending on the pattern on your fabric you may want to consider how you cute fabric length wise or across. Cut a piece of fabric 4 wide x 20 or 22 long.

How to make scrunchies. You can make these scrunchies with larger fabric scraps. Take a rectangular strip of fabric.

Dont forget to backstitch to secure the stitches in place. As mentioned above mine is 12cm x 45cm. Mini cut 1 2 x 15.

Jumbo cut 1 5 x 24. Always cut fabric along the grainline unless otherwise specified in the instructions. Gently iron out any wrinkles in your fabric.

I like to place a pin 15 inches from the short edge of the fabric on the top and bottom as a visual reminder of where to start sewing. Medium cut 1 3 x 20. These measurements are meant as a guide you can easily adjust the length and width to experiment with different sized scrunchies.

If you dont want to print the pattern cut the following measurements. Fabric type will depend on preference. Measure 15 inches from the edge of the fabric and begin sewing with a 38ths inch seam allowance.

Pin sew long seam. They can also be made using a fat quarter of fabric. Stitch the long edge of the fabric and remove the pins.

Fold the fabric in half right side in and pin. Next fold the fabric in half widthwise with right sides together. Measure your scrap fabric to make it scrunchie size cut a long retangle from your fabric.

Cut your scrap fabric to measure 4 wide by 18 long. Youll need fabric scraps the size of 18 by 5 inch a strip elastic a simple chopstick for turning matching thread a safety pin or an elastic threader sewing machine or needle pins or sewing clips and scissors. Stop sewing 15 inches from the edge of the fabric.

Pin sew short seam. If you are purchasing from a bolt youll want 14 yard of fabric.

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