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Create and design 15 stylish scrunchies all your own with this easy to use kit that includes everything you need. In just a few minutes of using your sewing machine the scrunchie will be complete.

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They are cheap and easy to make.

Scrunchie machine. You can also tack it in place with a couple hand stitches if you would like. My 10 year old has even sold them at her school carnival and they are the first thing to go. If sewing is something youve considered before i encourage you to start out with a scrunchie.

But you can change this basic scrunchie into so many styles with simple ideas which i will outline below. The scrunchies are basically fabric strips joined to form a tube and inserted with elastic. Steps cut fabric into 3 12 by 22 inch strip.

This way you will be saving lots of money and. Now tie your bow onto your scrunchie i tied it on where the seam is on the scrunchie. But today were taking the sewing machine out of the picture.

How to sew a scrunchie. This is a great example of something you can easily make at home. Make it their first project for teaching the kids to sew.

Diy scrunchies are a great way to use up some of your fabric scraps and only take a few minutes to. Attach safety pin at one end and weave the pin through the inside of the tube and. If you enjoy wearing scrunchies consider making a few.

Get started with the included scrunchie tool and choose from 15 pre cut trendy fabrics to mix and match for stylish designs. In fact the scrunchie is a super easy project that you can ask your kids to do. Pull the strip right side out.

Supplies for sewing hair scrunchies 9 inch long elastic more if making multiples scrap fabric of your choosing sewing pins or clips thread scissors safety pins as with most sewing projects you will need a needle or sewing machine. Scrunchies were once popular in the 90s and are fast making a comeback. Watch this super easy tutorial on how to make a scrunchie.

The bow works best with the medium scrunchies but you can certainly change it up and tie it on the jumbo or mini as well. My tween girls have been obsessed with making scrunchies. Fold fabric lengthwise so its inside out and pin along the center.

Sew a straight line across the edge and remove pins once youre done. Bring back the 90s with colorful and shimmery retro chic hair accessories using the its so me scrunchie maker. No need to spend a ton of money at the store on hair scrunchies.

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